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The Chiltern Cross Country League is one of the oldest regional leagues and covers Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire.

There are 5 races each season from October through to February. The league is both a team and an individual competition. Individuals must compete in 4 out of 5 events to qualify in the overall standings. 

The league is organised into two divisions. There are 14 clubs in Division 1 and the rest are in Division 2. Bedford & County AC compete in Division 1. Both divisions compete at the same venue in the same races but with separate scoring.The races in Division 1 are as follows:

  • Senior men (10 to score) including veteran men (4 to score) and Under 20 men (3 to score). 
  • Under 17 men (4 to score).
  • Under 15 boys (4 to score).
  • Under 13 boys (4 to score).
  • Senior ladies (6 to score) including veteran ladies (4 to score).
  • Under 20 / Under 17 ladies (3 to score).
  • Under 15 girls (4 to score). 
  • Under 13 girls (4 to score)
  • Extra events
  • Under 11 boys (3 to score).
  • Under 11 girls (3 to score)

All races are scored on a reverse scoring basis, i.e. if there are 50 athletes in a race and a club has athletes in 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th places they score 50+48+43+41 = 182 points. This means that a club does not have to have the full number of athletes to complete a team. Scores from the different age group races (excluding under 11’s and veterans) are added into overall, overall male & overall female and overall young athletes results.

In the senior races, athletes can count in both the senior and masters or senior and junior team scoring. All races except the masters and junior races (where athletes can be scoring twice) count towards the overall league scoring. Only first claim members can score for their clubs. Second claim members and athletes transferring clubs can compete in races as guests.  Other guests may be included at the Leagues discretion. 

One race in November has been included in the UK Challenge series in recent years greatly increasing the quality at the front end of races.

In this league Under 11’s must be over 9 on 30th August/1st September preceding the season. Parents of U11’s who would like to compete should discuss this with the coaches and team managers before the event.

Match timetables can be found on the league web site, this also has details of venues and dates. Full results can be found on the league website. Our recent achievements include:

2019 Team Results

Overall second. Overall Male second, Overall Female sixth, Seniors second, Young Athletes third.  Senior Men second, U20 Men third, Senior Women tenth, U17/U20 women first, U17 Men seventh, U15 Boys third, U15 girls third, U13 Boys fifth,U13 Girls second, U11 Boys seventh, U11 girls tenth.

2019 Individuals:

Senior Men fourth Andrew Headley, tenth Craig Emmerson, Senior Women second Alice BurginO50 Men sixth Andy Blair, seventh Pete Deardon U20 Men First Will Mullins, U15 Boys first Alex Alston, eighth  Jamie Vinnacombe, U20 Women first Josie Smith, U17 Women first Tia Wilson, sixth Lucy Mae Shepherd, U15 Girls sixth Sofia Perusko, ninth Natalie Simmons, U13 Girls fourth Rosie Foster, eighth Katie Olive.

2018 Teams

1st Overall, Overall male 1st, Overall female 2nd, Overall Seniors 2nd, Overall Juniors 2ndSenior men 2nd, senior women 4th, U20 men 1st, vet men 11th, vet women 4th, U20/U17 women 1st, U17 men 2nd, U15 boys 5th, U15 girls 2nd, U13 boys 3rd, U13 girls 2nd.

2018 Individuals

Senior Men Matt Bray 4th, U20 Men Will Mullin 3rd, U13 Men Zena Saez 1st Senior Women Alice Burgin 1st, U20 Women Josie Smith 1st, U17 WomenLucy Mae Shepherd 3rd, U15 Women Sofia Perusko 2nd, U13 Women Natalie Simmons 2nd.

2017 Teams

Overall 2nd, Overall male 2nd, Overall female 3rd, Overall Seniors 2nd, Overall Juniors 3rd.Senior men 3rd, senior women 4th, U20 men 4th, vet men 10th, vet women 14th, U20/U17 women 1st, U17 men 2nd, U15 boys 4th, U15 girls 2nd, U13 boys 2nd, U13 girls 3rd.

2017 Individuals

Senior women Alice Burgin First, Kirsty Thompson 10th. U17W Anna Vinncombe Third, Lauren Nichols 4th, Sinead Stovell 5th, Hannah Shelton 6th, U17M Evan Hosking 4th, Richard Laursen 6th, Josh Rogers 7th, Scott Thomas 9th.U15W Tia Wilson First, Lucy Mae Shepherd 8th, Rose Abbott 9th.U15B Ed Blythman 7th U13B Zena Saez First U13G Natalie Simmons 5th

2016 Teams

2nd overall in Division 1, 2nd male overall, 2nd female overall, 2nd seniors overall, 1st young atheletes overall. 2nd senior men, 4th U20 men, 1st U17 men, 2nd U15 boys, U13 boys 3rd. 1st senior women, 1 U20/U17 women, 1st U15 girls, 1st U13 girls.

2016 Individuals

Senior Men Overall 7th Josh Lunn, Junior Men: 1st Andrew Headley.
U17 Men: 1st Ben Davies, 5th Dom Menzies, U15 Boys: 7th Ollie Davies, U13 Boys: 6th Joe Lawson, U11 Boys 2nd Chris Brodie.
Senior Women: 2nd Alice Burgin, Junior Women: 1st Alanah Harris, 2nd Sarah Kerr
U17 Women: 2nd Francesca Worrall 3rd Erin McCaffray, 4 Lauren Nichols, U15 Girls: 1st Tia Wilson, U13 Girls: 3rd Lottie Knights U11 Girls: 10th Sophie Worrall

2015 Teams

1st overall in Division 1, 1st male overall, 1st female overall, 1st seniors overall, 1st young atheletes overall. 1st senior men, 1st U20 men, 1st U17 men, 2nd U15 boys, U13 boys 3rd. 1st senior women, 1 U20/U17 women, 1st U15 girls, 1st U13 girls.

2015 Individuals

Senior Men Overall 3rd Luke Humphreys, 5th Jack Douglas, 8th Andrew Headley, Senior Men: 3rd Luke Humphreys, 8th Andrew McMulkin. Junior Men: 1st Jack Douglas, 2nd Andrew Headley, 5th Matt Bray.
U17 Men: 1st Ben Davies, 4th Will Mullins, U15 Boys: 1st Freddie Ayre, 3rd Jamie Viney, U13 Boys: 2nd Ed Blythman
Senior Women: 4th Alice Burgin, 8th Emily Relton, Junior Women: 1st Alanah Harris
U17 Women: 5th Sarah Kerr 28, U15 Girls: 2nd Maisie Relton, 5th Erin McCaffray, U13 Girls: 1st Tia Wilson, 5th Rose Abbott U11 Girls: 1st Sofia Perusko

2014 Teams

1st overall in Division 1, 1st male overall, 1st female overall, 1st seniors overall, 1st young atheletes overall. 1st senior men, 1st U20 men, 1st U17 men, 1st U15 boys. 1st senior women, 1 U20/U17 women, 1st U15 girls, 2nd U13 girls.

2014 individuals

Senior men 1st Steve Naylor, 3rd Luke Humphreys. 1 U20 men 1st Michael Harrison, 2 Jack Douglas, 3rd Matt Bray. U17 Men 1st Jono Janes, 2nd Stephen Headley, U15 Boys 1st Ben Davies, 2nd Freddie Ayre, 3rd Will Mullins. Senior Women 1st Rebecca Murray, U20 Women 1st Alanah Harris, U13 Girls Maisie Relton 3rd.

2013 Teams

2nd overall in Division 1, 1st overall female, 1st Young athletes, Senior Men 6th, Veteran Men 11th, Junior Men 3rd, U17 Men 1st, U15 Boys 1st U13 Boys 2nd. Senior Women 2nd, Junior/U17 Women 2nd, U15 Girls 1st, & U13 Girls 1st..

2013 Individuals

1st senior Men Steve Naylor, U17 Men: Ryan Isaacson 1st, Jack Douglas 2nd, U15 Boys: Tom Angell 2nd, U13 Boys Freddie Ayre 1st. Senior Women Jo Wilkinson 1st, Natasha Peters 3rd, Junior Women Megan Shreeves 2nd, U17 Women Alanah Harris 2nd, U15 Girls: Sarah Kerr 1st & Bonnie Murphy 2nd. U13 Girls: Erin McCaffray 2nd & Maisie Relton 3rd

2012 Teams

2nd overall in Division 1, 4th overall Seniors(men & women) 3rd Senior, Vet & U20 Men, 1st overall Young Athletes, U20/U17 women 1st U15 girls 3rd U13 girls 3rd, U20 men 2nd, U17 Men 1st, U15 boys 2nd, U13 Boys 3rd.

2012 Individuals

1st SM & U20 Matt Bergin, 2nd Vet. man Alan Turnbull, 2nd U17 man Jack Douglas, 1st U15 boy Jake Barraqclough, 3rd U13 boy William Mullins, 1st U20 women Alice Burgin, 1st U17 women Rebecca Murray, 2nd U15 girl Kelly Rodd, 3rd Sarah Kerr,

2011 Teams

1st overall in Division One, 1st overall male categories, 1st overall Seniors (men and women), 1st overall young athletes, 1st senior men, 1st U15 boys.

2011 Individuals

1st U20 man - Patrick Stuart, 1st U15 boy - Ryan Isaacson, 1st senior women - Rebecca Newstead, 1st U17 women - Alice Burgin.

2010 Teams

2nd overall in Division One, 1st overall female categories, 1st overall young athletes, 1st U17 men, 1st U15 boys, 1st senior women, 1st U15 girls.

2010 Individuals

1st U17 man Jack Goodwin, 1st U15 boy Ben Alcock, 1st senior women Nicky Sykes, 1st U17 Women Emily Wallbank, 1st U15 girl, Rebecca Murray.

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