To compete at a high standard and to encourage and coach our young athletes requires a great effort from managers, coaches and officials of the club and from friends of the club all of whom are volunteers.

We are always in need of help be it people or financial. If you can or want to help us contact any member of the club committee who will be happy to discuss possibilities with you or contact the Club Chairman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Membership Discount for Officiating

Last year the Club undertook a trial to increase the number of officials at Senior and Masters matches for the Summer Season 2015. This was a great success with a number of club members getting a membership discount, or even free membership this year.

If you are a competing athlete, non-competing athlete, UOB student or parent you can take advantage of the discounts being offered on your or your young person’s subscription for next year. This is open to people aged 16 or over. The level of the discount will depend on the number of times and for how long you officiate during the summer 2016.

The level of the discount will depend on the number of times and for how long you officiate during the summer. The idea is to increase number of officials supporting home and away matches for SAL, BAL and UKWAL with no distinction being made between qualified and unqualified officials.

Each time you officiate discounts will be offered as follows:

  • Single field event - home match - £2
  • Single field event - away match - £5
  • Multiple events / all day (Track or Field) - home match - £10
  • Multiple events / all day (Track or Field) - away match - £20
  • 3 away matches all day - free membership

Other than the free membership being offered for officiating all day at 3 away matches the maximum discount available is £60.

Team managers will manage the process with the discount being applied either retrospectively for this year or for next year at the end of the Summer Season.

The expectation is that participants will sign in on the Officials’ Signing Sheet for both home and away matches.

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