Venue: Bedford International Athletic Stadium

7.30 – 8.00      Light Refreshments

7.30                 Start Slide show

8.00                 Introduction by Rob Simmons (RS)

  1. Team Manager’s Reports (3 minutes max) each followed by
    1. Endeavour Medals 
    2. Club Champions
    3. Team Manager’s Award

(To be announced and presented by each team manager; Photos of each sub group after presentation)

  • Girls U17/15/13/11    Hayley Vinnicombe:
  • Senior /U 20 Women Emma Coombes                                                       
  • Boys U17/15/13/11     Steve Janes                                                   
  • Senior/ U20 Men       Tony Forrest


  1. Spirit of Cross Country and Road Photo Competition (8 minutes max)           
  2. Team Trophies in 2018/9 (Announced by DJ; presented by RS)
  3. Southern and National Individual Medals (Announced by DJ; presented by RS)
  4. Club Best Performance Awards (Announced by DJ; presented by RS)
    1. Best Performance by Master – Female
    2. Best Performance by Master – Male
    3. Whitbread Inns Trophy Best Performance by U13/15/17 Male or Female on Road or Country
    4. Sydney Smith Trophy Best Performance by U20/Senior Male or Female on Road or Country

                                               It is anticipated that the evening will conclude at 9.15 pm.